Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The last riding photos ever

 Dinger Style on 4th in Main Line
 Classic P'Simer with Dinger in the lead
 Brad ripping the 5th set in Main Line
 Can't beat a good T-Bog
 Lee getting whipped on the 5th set in the dark
 Will ripping in the dark
Aaaahhg. You never know what is going to be on the camera after Dinger uses it. Scared me for a second.
The final Tuesday night session on Sept 25 was ripping. The trails were blue grooved from the jam and in perfect condition. Wednesday night was rained out and Thursday night was the final official session with everyone. Trails were dialed again and people were riding like they were on a mission. Never been done transfers were done. Final trail tricks were done. All of the tarps were packed up and donated to Mike's trails. The fire was raging and stuff that should not be burnt was burnt. Everyone left the woods way past the dark curfew.
Anyone know who stole the Farmboy tractor sign? I'm pretty sure it was taken the week before that jam. We think an O.G. Farmboy has it and deserves it, but we don't know.
Potoz Jam pics coming one of these days. No hurry.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Night Train & 100th Post

Trains a coming.

Trails were dialed Tuesday night from the blue groove left over from Saturday's jam. A lot of filming and photos after it was too dark for me to ride. The Buffalo guys made down for a final session and they were ripping Main Line along with the locals. Tonight got rained out, but Thursday is billed as the final ever session. Half of the locals are heading to Pittsburgh Friday night and will be there all weekend. Planning on getting out of work early again and riding until dark. Tools and tarps to be removed tomorrow. Potozny's Jam on Saturday. Always a good time.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jam run down & future of the new trails

The jam somehow went of on Saturday. It rained all Friday night until 7am Saturday morning, then still rained a couple of more times before noon. The crew was out early using every bit of dry dirt under the roll-in trying to salvage the day. The trails were slower then normal, but running somehow. It was awesome to have the huge turn-out considering the shitty weather. If it was any other day, I know there would have not been a sole in the woods. I barely rode and somehow did not take a single picture or video anything. Check out the Heathens blog for some pics or maybe Bob from Buffalo will come thru with some in the next couple of days.
The jam came to a quick close in the mid-afternoon with Tommy T. wrecking on the 3rd set in Main Line and Bobby D. using him as a roller and the skys opening up with another quick rain. The woods emptied out pretty quickly and the downpour put an end to the riding. The Farmboy crew, Cleveland crew and a couple of new friends hung out around the cranked fire for a couple of more hours. Story telling and shit talking kept things interesting until the woods darkened again and the rain could be heard. Good times on and off of the bike.
Today was complete crap. I ventured to the trails to pack up the grill and the rest of my crap from yesterday. Almost died 3 times walking down the mud slickened path. I started gathering all of the tools and watering cans so we can get them out of the woods by next Friday. This up coming week is looking decent for weather. The shop might have to work a couple of half days this week to get last sessions in.
What does the future hold for the next set of trails in the area? Who knows? Considering Brad and I are in our mid to late 30's we need young blood to take over and show commitment. We are more then willing to help, but our days of 80% dig and 20% ride are over. We need to ride. If 2 or 3 riders are not interested in stepping up and doing the work required to have awesome trails with multiple lines, then there will probably just be a small back yard set up for the week and more traveling to other trails on the weekends. It will be locked up and not relatively open to the public like the old trails. If anyone is willing to step up, let us know, because we might have a couple of options for new spots.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Night Jam Update

Trails are ready if the rain hold off for the weekend. 50% chance of scattered showers on Saturday and Sunday is looking better. Cross our fingers. If you are not familar with our trails they do handle the rain pretty well and all of the bigger stuff is tarped. Smaller stuff is normally not an issue. Might have to get the blow torch out just in case. 

There should be a grill going along with the normal fire for hot dogs and drinks for a nominal cost. Bring your own grilling food if you want. Need directions to get here? Google map to Russell, PA 16345 and follow the green "Farmboy BMX Jam" signs as soon as you turn off Route 62 towards Russell. Parking might get tight, so don't block anyone in.

I have not heard anything about an official after party yet, but we will see what happens. I will let the party people handle it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Official Jam Flyer

The official jam flyer from the resident crazy graphics guy. Judging from the squirrell's forearms he digs alot at the trails, but I have never seen him there. Saturday Sept 22 is the official jam date if you couldn't find the hidden fine print in the flyer. Sunday if it rains or both days if you want. Come have a good time during the final days of the trails. We will see what kind of prizes and contests happen. Talks about an after party with axe throwing competition on Saturday night, but details are still sketchy. Hide the wife and kids.

19 days left to ride. Get to the trails if it ever stops raining.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday Evening Session Pics

Not much going on at the trails lately with all of the rain. Hoping to ride trails, but I can hear the rain start up again. The woods have been getting dark early and my old man eyes are not working too good. Working on my camera skills once it is too dark for me to ride. Still lacking, but I get a pic here and there that I'm happy with. 2 of Brad with a couple more for a later time.
Brad and Dan C. had a great Labor Day weekend in Eastern PA at 2 of the best trails in the world. Catty has already announced their Halloween Jam, so hopefully we can get a crew together for the weekend.
Brad and Dan C. started their Mid-West road trip Friday night and will hopefully find and hit up some trails along the way with the awesome concrete parks on the schedule. Keep it between the ditches and see them in about a week.
If anyone is interested in any of the wood from the roll-in, please let me know. The 3/4" plywood is probably the only thing worth taking, while the rest is recycled wood. It is free for the taking after the Jam and before the end of the month. Whatever remains will stay, because we are not planning on burning it down. All of the tarps have been spoken for.
21 days left to get your shred on.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*** Jams & Trail Death Update ***

The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been changed to Saturday Sept 22nd with Sunday the rain date. Check for info on the Welcome Jam at Protoczny's in Pittsburgh on Sept 29. Getting a crew ready to go to it. Always a good time.
The last day for the trails has been moved up from when snow flies to October 1st. At least that is what the sign at the trails says. Not sure exactly what is going on, but we have some hunches. If you are counting, you have 33 days left to ride the trails before they are gated up and shut down. Time to take the skirt off and hit the jumps you have not hit yet. (That last comment includes myself) Make your plans to get here and ride before they are gone. Sounds like we will be taking a lot of half days in September and traveling in October for trails.
Fun Saturday session with Will, Will's friend and Bob from Buffalo and the normal locals. No pics from me, but waiting on Bob to send me some. Brad and Dan are planning on hitting the Eastern PA trail area this weekend along with the Buffalo guys. I suppose I can go, if I file for divorce before Friday. Wednesday evening session tonight.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Embrace the Squirrell Jam II

Moss and ferns, gonna miss you 
 Dan transferring
Brad doing his thing
The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been set for Saturday, September 29th with Sunday being the rain date or come and ride both days. The word has been being spread for the last week. Not sure how to get here, leave a comment so I get back to you. The trails have been sort of quiet lately. Not sure where all of the visitors have gone or who left the tarps off of everything after I was there last Saturday afternoon. Sunday nights rain was not to kind to a couple of things. Don't be a retard and assume someone else is coming later in the day, unless you know and re-tarp them.
It has been really weird to go to the trails lately and not have to dig. I'm almost lost because digging is my normal warm-up before riding and clears my head of work and the real world. I keep looking at my backyard and wonder if I should start digging or not. It has a nice downhill slope, but it is in the wide open and not in the wood. I know there are a lot of trails in the wide open, but it would be a drastic change compared to the current location. It would be nice to be able to see or have another 1/2 hour of riding time with the extra sunlight. I need to meet up with a couple of relatives and see if we can find a new spot soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will's Jam 2012

 Jordan 3ing, Brad capturing
 Nate 3ing and on way to best trick
 Johny Cash flip-off shirt nac-nac, hell yeah
 Will nosing in
 Jordan nosing in and kicking out
Tommy 1-handed no-fotted can-can
Will nosing in

4 of us made the trip to Will's house in the outskirts of Buffalo for his jam. Lucked out on the rain while it rained at home most of the day. Will has boosted up his back yard since our last visit a year ago. I'm still amazed at how much he fit into such a small area. I didn't get any pics that I was realy happy with, but here were the best or my favorites. I thought it was a real good turn out with riders going off all day. There were a couple of scares thru the day and hopefully Paul Rad is doing better today. Nate won the best trick hands down with a double whip and 720 over the trick set. I can't remember who won high air although I sat there and watched it. It was good seeing old friends again along with meeting some new ones. Thanks to Will and his family for a good time.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Death Sentence

It has been 4 days since we recieved the death sentence from the land owner on Tuesday night and I'm finally ready to say something. When I got off the phone with Brad, my wife could tell that someone died. Luckily, it was not a person, but it fells like it was with all the caring and nuturing and developing and countless hours Brad and I have put into the trails since the October 2007 reserection. Don't get me wrong, there has been alot of other people that have dug or dialed over the years, but we have done 90% of the mass digging. Many times during the winter or rainy season when everyone else is riding skateparks. I know we both know about every square foot of the plateu intimately.

As of right now the trails are going to remain open until the snow flies this coming winter then our permission to use the land is revoked. Things need to change though to keep the land owner happy until then.

There has been a lot of young kids going to the trails that are not old enough to drive and just being dropped off without adult supervision. On top of that they are yelling and being loud and annoying the neighbors, sometimes as early as 8:30 in the morning. There have been a couple times when they have been kicked out by the land owner while we have been at work. This needs to stop immediately and you should not be there unless 1 of the main guys are there. Also stay away from the damn storage trailer. It has been broken into atleast 3 times since October 2007. We are sure it has not been BMXers, but if the land owner sees you even looking at it, he will shoot you for trespassing. Then when we get there we will bury you in 1 of many available pre-dug graves.

We have offered to lease the land, buy the land, do what ever is necessary to keep the trails, but nothing is going to change his mind. We have had an open door policy for visitors and trying to get younger kids involved in trails, but all of the unknown people to the land owner is not sitting well. We can't blame him when he has to deal with drunk fucking morons trying to drive their F-250 the whole way back to the trails down a path a 4-wheeler barely fits on, because they heard about the trails. There is not much you can do about idiots finding you when we are trying to promote the trails like we have been. We should have just kept the trails to ourselves, but it is hard when you want to grow a BMX scene, let alone a trail scene.

So in the mean time, be respectful of the land owner, the trails and the handful of guys that have created them. Pick up your garbage, water before you ride, use normal talking voices and don't be there unless a local is there. We are still keeping our open door visitor policy so if you want to come ride before they are gone, get a hold of Brad or another local. We will be planning a blow out "Embrace the Squirell Jam" in the fall. It is really  weird to go from dig, dig, dig, to there is no point in digging, get your runs in before it snows. There is still a lot of fun to be had, so get on your bike and ride. You might have to wait until the rain stops though.

I also wonder if Dave really thinks the world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012 like the predictions and he is trying to tell us to get as much riding in before it is too late. We will see, but I doubt it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid July Heat

 The holding pond is getting used up pretty quickly with these dry days.
 Left Line grew another set over the last week.
 Left Line hip view of new 5th set. Small, but fun.
 The roll-in expansion project has been completed.
 Ankle friendly stairs and filled in corner for Relover Line.
 Filled in corner to make big trains easier for dropping in.
Roll-in view of beginning of trails.

Man is it hot out. Still better then snow anyday in my book. 95 degree + out and a pretty good sized crew for a Tuesday night. Everything that is tarped is holding up good to the heat and dryness. Most of the untarped stuff is also, but there are a couple places seeing wear and tear. I think mostly from the no-brake, non-locals dragging their feet to stop. Brad is laying down the law and getting more kids to put a brake on their bike. Still no good riding pics to put up, but sessions have been getting crazy when I have not been there. Some of the Erie guys have been making the hour drive fairly regularly lately.

The Left Line has been seeing a lot of attention lately and sets are going up quickly. The 5th set went up so quick, I didn't even have a shovel in it. I think some of the younger guys are starting to realize how much work goes into stacking, because they have never witnessed Brad and me do a lip or landing. They come back in the spring and there is "magically" more stuff built. There are a lot of knomes hiding in the woods, but I have not see them dig yet. I'm hoping they also realize the 6 people digging on something should take 1/3 the amount of time to stack. More riding time for everyone or more jumps to ride depending on how you look at it. We still need a good name for the Left Line.

The Roll-In Expansion project is finished besides a couple of nails that need driven and it is looking sweet. Big trains will be so much easier with the corners filled in. Hopefully some paint will be applied soon to the 95% recycled wood structure. Get to the trails, water them and get your laps in.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June's Post

Left Line's new 4th set, another left hip.
Someone with some imagination, please come up with a good name for the Left Line.
Get ready to dodge some trees on Left Line.
Excavation area for the 4th set. Old iron wood waiting to be removed.
New ankle friendly stairs started Sunday and close to finished. New paint job coming soon.
Trails have been holding up pretty good to the lack of rain and the ferns don't seem to mind.

From the lack of blog updates you would think the trails are dead, but quite the opposite. Dialing is continuing along with more riding then digging. We are in a good spot where most everything is running and new stuff is being added. The majority on the jumps are running good and the roll-in is getting an update with some needed improvements for when we have bigger session turnouts. Main Line is getting better everyday and Revolver is looking close to being ready for a session. Dan P. and Jordan are ripping the place up on every visit. Brad is getting back on it and Dinger has moved back into town and picked up where he left off boosting. I have been slacking on getting riding pics for the blog and have been taping alot more. Dan P. has been capturing some footage also and we might actually have enough to do a edit or 2 this year. Seems like there is someone there almost everday of the week in the evening hours.  More beginner friendly and old man, want to ride, but not kill yourself stuff is being built. Come on down and turn your bars. Hopefully some cool pics next time or Vimeo clips and we will shoot for 2 posts in July that are worthy.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

GoPro weekend post

Here are 3 links to the Farmboy Trails Vimeo page and GoPro clips from the last week. Check it out.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jump in berm

The trails have been soaking up all of the rain. Looks like another week of rain. Starting to tarp the bigger stuff to minimize rework after the T-Storms. My project of jumping  into the berm after the 180 berm is getting real close to trying out. Other stuff continues to get dialed throughout the trails. I actually put the shovel down and got some warm up runs in Sunday. Looking forward to a lot more riding time soon. A couple of visitors made it out this weekend to hangout. Hopefully some riding photos or video coming soon.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Vinyl Video

Just watched it 3 times. Pumped on it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Snow

Saturday - Rain
Sunday - Rain
Monday - Snow
Tuesday - Snow
Wednesday morning - Snow melted
Wednesday night - Dirt was perfect

The dirt was the perfect shade of brown from the moisture. The moisture she had been begging for for weeks. The trees are finally starting to show signs of green. The trails are happy again, besides wanting more people to come dig and ride. Almost everything is to the point of needing ridden before more dialing is done. Weather is looking decent for the next 5 days after today. Come on down and dig and get some laps in.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Farmboy Swimming Pool

1/2 hour into digging.
2 hours into digging and plastic laid.
Stretching the hose out to the creek across the swamp.
Across the trails... the swimming pool / fish pond / trail watering reservior.
Roughly 1200 gallons if filled 2 foot deep.

I never thought I would be building a pond when I woke up Saturday morning. Planned on going to work a 1/2 a day then the trails to dial some more lips. The place was dry and it rained the day before. As we walked into the trails we noticed the 1st pond experiment failed and the water stored up the night before disappeared. We refocused on a smaller pond of about 8 foot x 10 foot x 3 foot deep. I did a power dig with Brad back filling with our over abundance of rocks followed by multiple plastic tarps along with a new piece of plastic. The idea is to fill the holding pond from the creek 150 to 200 feet away. Then reposition the generator and sump pump to the holding pond. From there we eventually plan on running permanent hose through out the trails with multiple spray nozzles. Planning on being able to throughly soak anything for new construction or repair. We will see what happens. Hopefully we can keep the dogs out of the pond.

In general the trails are dry and we are way a head of schedule compared to normal. Need rain or the watering system up and running to water and ride stuff in. Probably just going to be photo updates on the blog for a while. Too busy in general and the home computer is acting up. Stopped at Catty on Monday afternoon while traveling for work and found some more inspiration to ride. Have plenty of inspiration to dig already. Checked out the craziness and talked to Abe while he was building. Can't wait to get back and wish we had some down hill to our trails, but it is all good. Come on down and throw some shovels.