Monday, December 26, 2011

December Digging

Top to bottom the pics show the progress of the Roller Line expansion project from late November thru end of today. Not too many people have seen any of it yet, because you are suppose to be indoors riding the ramper ramps and Brad and me are still hiding in the woods. We have been kicking the shit out of the Roller Line any chance we get. Early into today's digging session on the new step-up landing we called it good until next spring. A new set, left berm and step-up need ridden and dialed before we dig anymore on it. The completion of the Roller Line is in sight and I think we should re-name the line Barbwire. It's only fitting since the line follows the old fence perimeter from when the place was barbwired for livestock and there are now sets.

We moved over to the NBL line near the transfer left landing and right berm after it and started the next mass digging project. The new plan for the NBL Line will use a pushed out and boosted up transfer left landing to top secret unique stuff. I'm not saying much more about it besides the right berm is 60% gone. Come on down and dig and maybe we will spill the beans. If this awesome December weather continues to hold out the next lip should go up fast. Build your own fun, get to the trails.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I'm thankful for Brad and X-ups. I was relatively MIA compared to the last couples of years. Without Brad this year, I don't think the trails would have gotten running. The next time you see Brad say "thanks" for busting his ass so there is a cool place to ride in the woods. Even better, lend a hand when it is time to dig.
I'm thankful for the 4 girls in my life.
Wife, Gabe, baby Alivia and my bike.
Rip it up baby "A"
I'm thankful when we have a digging crew. It happens a couple of times a year if we are lucky, but it's awesome how much work we get done when it happens. I can't complain though, because Brad and me get shit done when it comes time to move earth.

I'm thankful for lips, landing, berms and the people that can build them correctly. I just wish more riders would be interested in creating what they ride and making cool things.

I'm thankful for the landowner, Dave letting us have a private dirt paradise in the woods that he owns. Most people are not that understanding, especially when it comes to little kid bikes and dirt jumps.

With winter slowly approaching digging is continuing. The Roller Line expansion project has been making good progress. The 1st bigger set is done until spring and the berm after and the step-up back up onto the plateu is growing every digging session. This weekend should see some more getting done. Come on out, we will be digging until the ground freezes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last Session before Winter???

Brad & Cole training each other 2 weeks ago

It's really funny, I get pissed when people don't update there trail blog. Here it is almost a month after my last post and I finally found a couple of minutes at lunch to do it.

The weather is not look good after this weekend. It might be the last session before winter, but hopefully the weatherman is wrong with all of the rain next week. Leaves and pine needles have been falling like crazy and the clean up before snow comes is in progress. Everything under tarp is good to go, but flat bottoms might start acting weird with the rain and temps in the 30's. Hopefully everyone can make it out for the Sunday session and it's not the last ride for the year.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Embrace the Squirell Day 2 Photos

Railing the berm in Main Line
Lee, Turndown 5th set Main Line

Dave, turndown

P'Simers turndown transfer

Brad, ripping

Bobby D, Tweaked

Pittsburgh train

Cole twisting it up

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Embrace the Squirell Day 1 Photos

Jordan, Un-turndown
Dinger, Suicide one hander

Dinger, with some Brad influence

Lee with a sweet T-Bog that I snapped late

Will, getting flat without a foot

Brad, twisted on the hip

Bob, moto-whipped

Sam, hauling over the long-n-low

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Embrace the Squirrel Weekend is On

The chance for rain keeps going down for the weekend and it is perfect weather outside right now. Hopefully it continues to hold out and everyone makes it to the trails to get some riding in, see some old friends and enjoy the 1st weekend of fall. Fire pit will be going all weekend, so bring your favorite campfire food to cook up and legal beverages. To the trails.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jordan / Main Line Run 091811

Trying out the new video camera on Jordan.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Embrace the Squirrel

We are not calling it a jam, because it always rains when we call it a jam. Still might rain, but we will give it a shot, everything is tarped and we will see what happens. Any ideas for a contest out there that would be fair to all levels of riders? Talks of best ET combos, highest air on the dirt quarter, oldest bike part on a bike?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday Trail Squad

The Sunday Trail Squad made it out last Thursday between rain showers to get in a quick afternoon session. Brad got out of work real early to get things ready with all of the rain that we had at the beginning of the week. I made it to the trails a couple of hours earlier then normal to find Brad had most everything ready. The Squad showed up, did a quick tour and Bobby D showed everyone how to ride the trails. Main Line was sessioned hard with the NBL Line receiving the same amount of attention. All of the normal locals made it out along with some of the absent locals. Aaron was ripping up Main Line after a couple of runs from what I heard. I had to leave for a meeting for a while and returned to witness the "night goggles" competition. No cool riding pics this time around, but the wife's new camera is awesome and can't wait to get some action pics.

The trails are getting more dialed everyday and almost everything feels better then it ever has. Work is continuing on the Roller Line, Left Line (needs name) and changing where the 360 berm heads to. Any suggestions out there for getting it back into the Left Line or away from crossing the Main Line and Geronimo? It looks like the weather is turning around again. Brad and me are talking about having a riding get together soon with other riders from other areas. We will not call it a jam, because it always rains when we call it a jam. The Heathen's Halloween Train Trail Jam on October 1st is on the calender and a couple of us are planning on going. Want to go, let me know. Get to the trails, snow is coming sooner then you think.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mike's Trail Jam

Cole leading, followed by Lee & Jake
Dinger pancake

Brad's go toCole getting flat

Dinger one-foot t-bog

followed by a proper no-hander

P'Simer's normal smooth style

Dinger saran wrap with Cole peeing in the back ground

Mike X-ing it up

P with a nosed in 3

P with a normal 3

Mike laying it flat

Cole with a t-bog at sunset

We made the short trip to Mike's trails, just outside of Titusville on Saturday for a little trail jam. We met up with the Cleveland crew and Cole at the BMX track to watch a little of the state race before the jam. Got to see some of the kids that hit the Farmboy trails occassionly rip the track up. We were placing bets on how far we could make it around the track at full speed without having heart attacks and dieing. Second berm was the concensus for most of us and luckily we did not have to find out.

Mike's trails brought back some memories of my old trails behind my parents house. Wide open, no trees, sun baking you and sweating your nits off. A lot of riders ripping all afternoon thru the 5 different lines. I stayed with the kiddie line, with both of my feet feeling like they are broken. Sucks getting old kids, try your best not to do it. Wear your pads even if you think its not cool, you will thank me later. Dinger was bringing back tricks most new school kids have never seen and sending it all day on the last set. Brad, Cole, Dave and P'Simer were doing there normal smooth trail style and tricks. Good times.

At our trails, Main line is running thru the 7th set and ready for a session to see where the step-up landing needs tweaked to. The last lip is ready once the step-up landing is dialed in. Jordan hit it up quite a few runs on Wednesday and showed us how it supposed to be done. The bowl area continues to recieve some love from Dan along with the roller line expansion project.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Will's Trails & Dialing Continues

Will rippin'
Dinger with a proper no-hander

Cole with a Euro in the trees

Brad lookin' back

Four of us made the 2 hours trip to Will's trails, just east of Buffalo, NY. Pretty amazing what this 16 year old kid has done in his back yard, mostly by himself. I didn't know anyone under the age of 20 or 25 for that matter, knew how shovels worked now a days. He has created a technically challenging backyard set up and fit more jumps and lines than I would have thought possible for the small lot. Mounted aboard his tan Deluxe, he ripped all day with his dialed riding and skills most riders 10 years older don't have. I will speak for everyone on the day trip and say we were impressed. Then Bob showed up late in the day and showed us all of the classic trails tricks dialed to perfection. I don't think I've seen Bob since '97 or '98 when the trails behind my parents where in there hay day. We reministed about his friend breaking his jaw first run thru the 10 pack and how that was the worst thing that ever happened at my trails. Plenty of other old school talk too about bike parts older then Will.

The last 2 weeks has seen some dialing at the trails get done. Cleveland guys made it out to help dial and ride in. Main Line's 3rd and 4th set are better then ever. Dinger has worked some magic learned from the Heathens on the 5th lip and it is ready to be sent. Brad has dialed the pump bump before the 5th set and the 5th landing has been squared up. I tackled the berm after the 6th set and it looks better then ever. Torential down pours have started up, so tarps are covering most of Main Line and a couple of other hits. Joe T. and new local Dan have been dialing in the bowl area and it is looking good. Pumped to see someone working on it and dialing it after the mass digging that was done 2 springs ago.

Check out the Heathen's jam video on their site to see the faded red shirt Farmboy Jordan / Crazy Legs doing what he does best. Meadville trails jam this Saturday with atleast 1 car load going. Get to the trails and see what's new. You might be surprised.