Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*** Jams & Trail Death Update ***

The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been changed to Saturday Sept 22nd with Sunday the rain date. Check for info on the Welcome Jam at Protoczny's in Pittsburgh on Sept 29. Getting a crew ready to go to it. Always a good time.
The last day for the trails has been moved up from when snow flies to October 1st. At least that is what the sign at the trails says. Not sure exactly what is going on, but we have some hunches. If you are counting, you have 33 days left to ride the trails before they are gated up and shut down. Time to take the skirt off and hit the jumps you have not hit yet. (That last comment includes myself) Make your plans to get here and ride before they are gone. Sounds like we will be taking a lot of half days in September and traveling in October for trails.
Fun Saturday session with Will, Will's friend and Bob from Buffalo and the normal locals. No pics from me, but waiting on Bob to send me some. Brad and Dan are planning on hitting the Eastern PA trail area this weekend along with the Buffalo guys. I suppose I can go, if I file for divorce before Friday. Wednesday evening session tonight.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Embrace the Squirrell Jam II

Moss and ferns, gonna miss you 
 Dan transferring
Brad doing his thing
The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been set for Saturday, September 29th with Sunday being the rain date or come and ride both days. The word has been being spread for the last week. Not sure how to get here, leave a comment so I get back to you. The trails have been sort of quiet lately. Not sure where all of the visitors have gone or who left the tarps off of everything after I was there last Saturday afternoon. Sunday nights rain was not to kind to a couple of things. Don't be a retard and assume someone else is coming later in the day, unless you know and re-tarp them.
It has been really weird to go to the trails lately and not have to dig. I'm almost lost because digging is my normal warm-up before riding and clears my head of work and the real world. I keep looking at my backyard and wonder if I should start digging or not. It has a nice downhill slope, but it is in the wide open and not in the wood. I know there are a lot of trails in the wide open, but it would be a drastic change compared to the current location. It would be nice to be able to see or have another 1/2 hour of riding time with the extra sunlight. I need to meet up with a couple of relatives and see if we can find a new spot soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will's Jam 2012

 Jordan 3ing, Brad capturing
 Nate 3ing and on way to best trick
 Johny Cash flip-off shirt nac-nac, hell yeah
 Will nosing in
 Jordan nosing in and kicking out
Tommy 1-handed no-fotted can-can
Will nosing in

4 of us made the trip to Will's house in the outskirts of Buffalo for his jam. Lucked out on the rain while it rained at home most of the day. Will has boosted up his back yard since our last visit a year ago. I'm still amazed at how much he fit into such a small area. I didn't get any pics that I was realy happy with, but here were the best or my favorites. I thought it was a real good turn out with riders going off all day. There were a couple of scares thru the day and hopefully Paul Rad is doing better today. Nate won the best trick hands down with a double whip and 720 over the trick set. I can't remember who won high air although I sat there and watched it. It was good seeing old friends again along with meeting some new ones. Thanks to Will and his family for a good time.