Thursday, January 10, 2013

New year winter digging session 1

Brad and I had a digging session last Saturday afternoon in the back yard on a beautiful snowy day. If you know where it is at, you will probably be riding there in the spring. If not, you probably don't need to know, because it will be invite only. This was the first non-solo digging session and we made some good progress. I had been out 3 to 4 times before and only made good progress on the dig before. Enough done to get Brad pumped on digging new trails again. The plan for right now is one line that starts small and gets bigger as we snakes back and forth down the hill. Not a lot of room, but enough for a couple of berms and a variety of kickers once we are out of the woods. The goal is to have the woods digging done before spring, so once that is riding in, equipment can arrive for the bigger stuff. Some hardcore trail builders would look down on using equipment, but I'm 39 going on 40 and need to get shit done. There is still plenty of shovel work to do once the mass dirt moving is done anyways. Probably weekend digging here and there for now.

I added the "Can You Dig It" link, because it is a daily go to that should have been added months ago.