Friday, July 30, 2010

Allegheny Cyclery Facebook

I'm not into Facebook, but check out Allegheny Cyclery's page. The BMX portion of the shop is official with S&M Bikes, Fit Bike Co and United available. Go buy a new bike from Aaron and Josh right now. Tell them Farmboy Trails sent you and you want the family discount. I'm sure there is no discount, but support this awesome shop and an OG Farmboy.

Pool party at the trails

Pool party at the trails this weekend. Brings suits, towels and BYOB. The Geronimo Line swimming hole is finally full and ready for action. Looks like chocolate milk.

1st landing and 2nd lip in Geronimo are under water from last weekends thunderstorms. Judging from the dirty water marks on the tarps the water level has only dropped 6". I'm estimating there is a good 600 to 800 gallons of water laying here. The rest of the trails are good to go and still need watering.

No riding pics from Thursday's riding, becasue it was too dark to take anything decent. Ridgeway guys made it up to ride, before we got out of work. Brad and Dinger got some riding in. I made it to the trails to get away from work. Made quick work at widening the first lip 2 feet on the right side on the Roller Line leading into the Main Line. Should work better for the hip out to NBL Line so you don't have to carve the lip in order to make the landing. My arm proceeded to lock-up 3 times in 10 minutes so I gave up on digging and was going to try some riding. Go grab my bike and the back tire was flat. I think it was a sign since I have not had a flat tire in 3+ years. Will try again this weekend for some riding and action pics.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Come Ride Me!!!

That's what she said. Seriously though. The trails are lonely. They need ridden. Thursday night riding session is a go and hopefully everyone can make it and the upcoming weekend. Brad and Dinger have some good helmet cam stuff I need to get up on Vimeo from their recent sessions.

I will admit it, I have been slacking at the trails. Works been busy and getting busier. 30 hours in the last 2 days and pretty tired, but I can't wait for Thursday. I could go into a rant here about how no one rides or digs, but what is the point. I know everyone is busy and the trails are not everyones priority. Just try to come out once a week and have fun on your bike, hang out, have a hot dog on the fire. It is going to be winter before we know it. I guess I did rant a little.

Stopped Sunday to see Brad digging at the trails on about 4 different projects. Between tornados in the area and atleast 4 inches of rain in a day or so, the trails handled it like a champ. Drainage is pretty dialed on most everything. Surprisingly they could have been ridden if you had knobbies on. Some minor repairs need done from the run-off from the tarps, but in general everything just needs ridden. We will get some pictures up next time.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joe T. Flattie

I love this photo of Joe T. for so many reasons. The lip he is launching is maybe 2 foot tall. He is easily 5 to 6 foot above the lip while tabled and kicked out at the same time. The set before this I think he 360 tail-tapped. I could take photos of tables all day.

Dinger from the 3rd of July

I'm back from vacation and sadly this is the first post for July. I planned on doing a couple of updates while on vacation, but WiFi was pretty much non-existant. Some interesting journeys trying to find wireless networks that don't require passwords. I was hoping to hit up some trails in the Buffalo area, but instead my bike got to see Niagara Falls for the first time.

We will call this the Dinger edition. He bought Aaron's bike and he is riding smoother and going higher then ever. These pics are from 2 weeks ago when he was pulling new tricks on command for the camera.

Still working on my photography skills, so most pics are taken late. Hoping to get a lot of pictures and riding in tomorrow.