Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Vinyl Video

Just watched it 3 times. Pumped on it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Snow

Saturday - Rain
Sunday - Rain
Monday - Snow
Tuesday - Snow
Wednesday morning - Snow melted
Wednesday night - Dirt was perfect

The dirt was the perfect shade of brown from the moisture. The moisture she had been begging for for weeks. The trees are finally starting to show signs of green. The trails are happy again, besides wanting more people to come dig and ride. Almost everything is to the point of needing ridden before more dialing is done. Weather is looking decent for the next 5 days after today. Come on down and dig and get some laps in.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Farmboy Swimming Pool

1/2 hour into digging.
2 hours into digging and plastic laid.
Stretching the hose out to the creek across the swamp.
Across the trails... the swimming pool / fish pond / trail watering reservior.
Roughly 1200 gallons if filled 2 foot deep.

I never thought I would be building a pond when I woke up Saturday morning. Planned on going to work a 1/2 a day then the trails to dial some more lips. The place was dry and it rained the day before. As we walked into the trails we noticed the 1st pond experiment failed and the water stored up the night before disappeared. We refocused on a smaller pond of about 8 foot x 10 foot x 3 foot deep. I did a power dig with Brad back filling with our over abundance of rocks followed by multiple plastic tarps along with a new piece of plastic. The idea is to fill the holding pond from the creek 150 to 200 feet away. Then reposition the generator and sump pump to the holding pond. From there we eventually plan on running permanent hose through out the trails with multiple spray nozzles. Planning on being able to throughly soak anything for new construction or repair. We will see what happens. Hopefully we can keep the dogs out of the pond.

In general the trails are dry and we are way a head of schedule compared to normal. Need rain or the watering system up and running to water and ride stuff in. Probably just going to be photo updates on the blog for a while. Too busy in general and the home computer is acting up. Stopped at Catty on Monday afternoon while traveling for work and found some more inspiration to ride. Have plenty of inspiration to dig already. Checked out the craziness and talked to Abe while he was building. Can't wait to get back and wish we had some down hill to our trails, but it is all good. Come on down and throw some shovels.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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