Monday, March 21, 2011

Concrete Weekend

Athens, Ohio Hell yea!!!

The text message responses I got back from this sent picture and the "not coming home" message where quite entertaining. I can not repeat my wife's response, but we were rolling on the ground.

Lines for days if you can get the kid with the RC car out of the big bowls.

Athens, over vert corner near capsule. Just a big berm.

Florence, Kentucky

Post-grommit evacuation plan

Brad, X-uping the hip

Yes this is a trail blog, but concrete is the next best thing. Great weekend of riding and getting in shape for the trail season. We left Saturday morning with hopes for a Wheeling West Virginia concrete stop, but it looked like a bust. Rolled in to skaters 25+ deep on the street course, no BMX'ers to be seen and the big bowl empty besides 1 old school skater. Took some pics and figured we didn't want the hassle and hightailed it to Athen, Ohio. Arrived in Athens around dinner time to a busy street course and empty big bowl area. Perfect. Race track lines for days and that is where stayed. Rode into the evening hours not knowing if it would rain on Sunday. Sunday morning was cold and arrived to an empty park for an hour. Tried lines thru the whole park, but lived in the big section until it started sprinkling hours later. We were tied so we started heading to Cincinatti where we had to be for work Monday morning. The closer we got the warmer and the nicer the weather got. Decided to hit up the Florence Kentucky park since it was only 40 miles from were we were going. Arrived to a concrete skatepark that looked like alittle kids playground. Grommits everywhere just going in circles. Stuck in the bowls. 50+ kids going at a time and running into each other. Not the place 30+ year old trail riders go, but we were there and going to ride, some how. It took a while, but we got the kids cleaned out of the bowl and had a couple hour session with some Binghamton, NY BMX'ers on their way to Cali. As always, Kentucky didn't let us down with the interesting and entertaining people we ran into while riding. No Louisville this trip. Got work done this morning and hauled ass home to crappy, cold weather that we are sick of. Hopefully no speeding tickets are coming in the mail from Ohio.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra

Dump Zone

Dig Zone

Wheel Barrow Path

Brad is continuing to make progress at the trails. Earth moving and tree cutting is going on. I finally made the trek to the trails Sunday for some quick pics. Still alot of snow, but we are in the woods. More daylight in the evenings is definitely helping week digging sessions. All the trail blogs are coming back to life after a long winter. All good.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Year end video

The year end video is up. It is what it is.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let the digging begin

While building roofs in the area have been caving in from the heavy snow loads this winter, the roll-in proves to be a well engineered structure. Penn State taught me well, like my dad would say.

The start of the trails covered in foot plus deep snow. If there was only some way to stack jumps out of snow and majically convert it to dirt. Stacking would go 10 times quicker.

Let the digging begin. Actually Brad has been at it for over 2 weeks although the woods are still full of snow and the ground is frozen. The pics are from his phone from Feb 13th. Between my travels to Pittsburgh on Tuesday and the State College area today, it seems like we are the only ones in PA with any snow. It hasn't stopped Brad at all. The Buffalo locals even made it down Sunday to help Brad out. Monday morning we had flooding in the area and Brad said it was a treat getting into the trails Monday night. I'm sure he will be out all this upcoming weekend so give him a call and help him out. I'm trying to get over this cold I have had for over 2 1/2 weeks then I will be ready to catch up to Brad on wheel barrows. Expect blog posts to start ramping up and trail digging photos again. Year end video hopefully coming soon. Here is a test edit with some different software from over the weekend. You have footage, give me a call so I can use it. Not much on my camera.

It's going to be a great year at the trails so get your work in now so we can enjoy it later.