Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will's Jam 2012

 Jordan 3ing, Brad capturing
 Nate 3ing and on way to best trick
 Johny Cash flip-off shirt nac-nac, hell yeah
 Will nosing in
 Jordan nosing in and kicking out
Tommy 1-handed no-fotted can-can
Will nosing in

4 of us made the trip to Will's house in the outskirts of Buffalo for his jam. Lucked out on the rain while it rained at home most of the day. Will has boosted up his back yard since our last visit a year ago. I'm still amazed at how much he fit into such a small area. I didn't get any pics that I was realy happy with, but here were the best or my favorites. I thought it was a real good turn out with riders going off all day. There were a couple of scares thru the day and hopefully Paul Rad is doing better today. Nate won the best trick hands down with a double whip and 720 over the trick set. I can't remember who won high air although I sat there and watched it. It was good seeing old friends again along with meeting some new ones. Thanks to Will and his family for a good time.

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spadesandflats said...

trails r looking wicked good!!!!!