Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Night Train & 100th Post

Trains a coming.

Trails were dialed Tuesday night from the blue groove left over from Saturday's jam. A lot of filming and photos after it was too dark for me to ride. The Buffalo guys made down for a final session and they were ripping Main Line along with the locals. Tonight got rained out, but Thursday is billed as the final ever session. Half of the locals are heading to Pittsburgh Friday night and will be there all weekend. Planning on getting out of work early again and riding until dark. Tools and tarps to be removed tomorrow. Potozny's Jam on Saturday. Always a good time.

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Anonymous said...

Everytime i visit the blog, i get super depressed now - at the same time it makes me really proud when i look at posts just from the last 2 years. That, and i just found out that people in Japan are injecting silicone into their foreheads that resembles the shape of a bagel... please look that up. Everything just seems completely normal now.
- Axes & AK's