Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*** Jams & Trail Death Update ***

The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been changed to Saturday Sept 22nd with Sunday the rain date. Check for info on the Welcome Jam at Protoczny's in Pittsburgh on Sept 29. Getting a crew ready to go to it. Always a good time.
The last day for the trails has been moved up from when snow flies to October 1st. At least that is what the sign at the trails says. Not sure exactly what is going on, but we have some hunches. If you are counting, you have 33 days left to ride the trails before they are gated up and shut down. Time to take the skirt off and hit the jumps you have not hit yet. (That last comment includes myself) Make your plans to get here and ride before they are gone. Sounds like we will be taking a lot of half days in September and traveling in October for trails.
Fun Saturday session with Will, Will's friend and Bob from Buffalo and the normal locals. No pics from me, but waiting on Bob to send me some. Brad and Dan are planning on hitting the Eastern PA trail area this weekend along with the Buffalo guys. I suppose I can go, if I file for divorce before Friday. Wednesday evening session tonight.

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