Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sunday Trail Squad Video

Near future, Farmboy Trails dad's club member #2, Chevy T-Bog from '09 jam. Less then a month to go before his little devil arrives and my Digga turns 9 months old today. Pumped on the future Farmgirl BMX racing team gaining another member soon.

Check the link below for the Sunday Trail Squad video when they came thru town this Fall. I have been checking everyday for the video to post and they snuck it in on the only day I have not checked in the last couple of months. Always enjoy watching Bobby D. ripping it up.

Winter trail digging has slowed to a craw in the last 2 weeks, but todays looking good with the snow melted again and temps higher then normal. No pics from the last month of digging, but people are going to be shocked and pumped when they see what Brad and I have hammered out in only a couple of sessions. Pumped on the trails and now even more from the video.