Thursday, June 28, 2012

June's Post

Left Line's new 4th set, another left hip.
Someone with some imagination, please come up with a good name for the Left Line.
Get ready to dodge some trees on Left Line.
Excavation area for the 4th set. Old iron wood waiting to be removed.
New ankle friendly stairs started Sunday and close to finished. New paint job coming soon.
Trails have been holding up pretty good to the lack of rain and the ferns don't seem to mind.

From the lack of blog updates you would think the trails are dead, but quite the opposite. Dialing is continuing along with more riding then digging. We are in a good spot where most everything is running and new stuff is being added. The majority on the jumps are running good and the roll-in is getting an update with some needed improvements for when we have bigger session turnouts. Main Line is getting better everyday and Revolver is looking close to being ready for a session. Dan P. and Jordan are ripping the place up on every visit. Brad is getting back on it and Dinger has moved back into town and picked up where he left off boosting. I have been slacking on getting riding pics for the blog and have been taping alot more. Dan P. has been capturing some footage also and we might actually have enough to do a edit or 2 this year. Seems like there is someone there almost everday of the week in the evening hours.  More beginner friendly and old man, want to ride, but not kill yourself stuff is being built. Come on down and turn your bars. Hopefully some cool pics next time or Vimeo clips and we will shoot for 2 posts in July that are worthy.