Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I'm thankful for Brad and X-ups. I was relatively MIA compared to the last couples of years. Without Brad this year, I don't think the trails would have gotten running. The next time you see Brad say "thanks" for busting his ass so there is a cool place to ride in the woods. Even better, lend a hand when it is time to dig.
I'm thankful for the 4 girls in my life.
Wife, Gabe, baby Alivia and my bike.
Rip it up baby "A"
I'm thankful when we have a digging crew. It happens a couple of times a year if we are lucky, but it's awesome how much work we get done when it happens. I can't complain though, because Brad and me get shit done when it comes time to move earth.

I'm thankful for lips, landing, berms and the people that can build them correctly. I just wish more riders would be interested in creating what they ride and making cool things.

I'm thankful for the landowner, Dave letting us have a private dirt paradise in the woods that he owns. Most people are not that understanding, especially when it comes to little kid bikes and dirt jumps.

With winter slowly approaching digging is continuing. The Roller Line expansion project has been making good progress. The 1st bigger set is done until spring and the berm after and the step-up back up onto the plateu is growing every digging session. This weekend should see some more getting done. Come on out, we will be digging until the ground freezes.