Friday, August 24, 2012

Embrace the Squirrell Jam II

Moss and ferns, gonna miss you 
 Dan transferring
Brad doing his thing
The Embrace the Squirrell Jam II has been set for Saturday, September 29th with Sunday being the rain date or come and ride both days. The word has been being spread for the last week. Not sure how to get here, leave a comment so I get back to you. The trails have been sort of quiet lately. Not sure where all of the visitors have gone or who left the tarps off of everything after I was there last Saturday afternoon. Sunday nights rain was not to kind to a couple of things. Don't be a retard and assume someone else is coming later in the day, unless you know and re-tarp them.
It has been really weird to go to the trails lately and not have to dig. I'm almost lost because digging is my normal warm-up before riding and clears my head of work and the real world. I keep looking at my backyard and wonder if I should start digging or not. It has a nice downhill slope, but it is in the wide open and not in the wood. I know there are a lot of trails in the wide open, but it would be a drastic change compared to the current location. It would be nice to be able to see or have another 1/2 hour of riding time with the extra sunlight. I need to meet up with a couple of relatives and see if we can find a new spot soon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm working on a flyer for it. I am also stating here and now, there will be "Game of Bike" Finals. It's gonna be Squirrel Shit Crazy. I'm talkin', Hulk Hogan peanut butter BBQ plywood tossed salad with a dash of OMG WTF was that shit, had to be there, need to go pray, squirrel shit crazy.

"You know who this is, Damnit."