Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The last riding photos ever

 Dinger Style on 4th in Main Line
 Classic P'Simer with Dinger in the lead
 Brad ripping the 5th set in Main Line
 Can't beat a good T-Bog
 Lee getting whipped on the 5th set in the dark
 Will ripping in the dark
Aaaahhg. You never know what is going to be on the camera after Dinger uses it. Scared me for a second.
The final Tuesday night session on Sept 25 was ripping. The trails were blue grooved from the jam and in perfect condition. Wednesday night was rained out and Thursday night was the final official session with everyone. Trails were dialed again and people were riding like they were on a mission. Never been done transfers were done. Final trail tricks were done. All of the tarps were packed up and donated to Mike's trails. The fire was raging and stuff that should not be burnt was burnt. Everyone left the woods way past the dark curfew.
Anyone know who stole the Farmboy tractor sign? I'm pretty sure it was taken the week before that jam. We think an O.G. Farmboy has it and deserves it, but we don't know.
Potoz Jam pics coming one of these days. No hurry.