Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-July Moss Report

Brad jumping 4th set in Main Line and me missing his X-up.
Nice moss growth on left side of 4th lip in Main Line.

Moss close up on 3rd lip in Main Line.

4th lip moss overview.

The trails are starting to recieve more visitors everyday now that stuff is getting dry enough to actually ride. It has been a long wet year with the last 2 weeks having great weather finally. The new 5th and 6th sets in Main Line were cleared over the weekend and the 7th lip was watered heavily and smacked into shape. We need to ride in the re-worked berm before the 7th lip, but the lip is ready to go. 8th lip to be watered in and smacked soon.

NBL Line is getting heavy sessions and the 1st berm is going to recieve some loving soon with some root removal and new clay. The end of the NBL Line will hopefully have another berm / jump soon.

Plans are in the works to go to the Heathen Jam on July 30th. If you are interested in going, let Brad or me know soon so we can get a head count. Should be good time like always. Get to the trails, its going to be snowing soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 4th Weekend

Lee nosing in on the transfer set on NBL line.
Nate tailwhiping the spox.

Tommy 3-ing mid NBL line.

The weather finally held out and we had a good turn out. I showed up to a crowded parking lot and was excited to try out the new ride. I took it easy, since it was my first trail session of the year and getting used to a light bike. The Sunday Conductor seams like a pretty sweet set-up and hopefully we will be leading some trains thru the trails soon.

The NBL line saw heavy action and is getting smooth. The 3rd and 4th sets in Main line were finally cleared. Main line looks to be shooting everyone a couple of feet higher and it is still wet. Going to be dialed come this Fall. Time to get the new 5th set smacked in soon and the landing peaked. The new spox saw various stunting and trickery from the quarter direction and NBL line direction. Nice to be in the woods chilling out with everyone.