Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday Night Train & 100th Post

Trains a coming.

Trails were dialed Tuesday night from the blue groove left over from Saturday's jam. A lot of filming and photos after it was too dark for me to ride. The Buffalo guys made down for a final session and they were ripping Main Line along with the locals. Tonight got rained out, but Thursday is billed as the final ever session. Half of the locals are heading to Pittsburgh Friday night and will be there all weekend. Planning on getting out of work early again and riding until dark. Tools and tarps to be removed tomorrow. Potozny's Jam on Saturday. Always a good time.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jam run down & future of the new trails

The jam somehow went of on Saturday. It rained all Friday night until 7am Saturday morning, then still rained a couple of more times before noon. The crew was out early using every bit of dry dirt under the roll-in trying to salvage the day. The trails were slower then normal, but running somehow. It was awesome to have the huge turn-out considering the shitty weather. If it was any other day, I know there would have not been a sole in the woods. I barely rode and somehow did not take a single picture or video anything. Check out the Heathens blog for some pics or maybe Bob from Buffalo will come thru with some in the next couple of days.
The jam came to a quick close in the mid-afternoon with Tommy T. wrecking on the 3rd set in Main Line and Bobby D. using him as a roller and the skys opening up with another quick rain. The woods emptied out pretty quickly and the downpour put an end to the riding. The Farmboy crew, Cleveland crew and a couple of new friends hung out around the cranked fire for a couple of more hours. Story telling and shit talking kept things interesting until the woods darkened again and the rain could be heard. Good times on and off of the bike.
Today was complete crap. I ventured to the trails to pack up the grill and the rest of my crap from yesterday. Almost died 3 times walking down the mud slickened path. I started gathering all of the tools and watering cans so we can get them out of the woods by next Friday. This up coming week is looking decent for weather. The shop might have to work a couple of half days this week to get last sessions in.
What does the future hold for the next set of trails in the area? Who knows? Considering Brad and I are in our mid to late 30's we need young blood to take over and show commitment. We are more then willing to help, but our days of 80% dig and 20% ride are over. We need to ride. If 2 or 3 riders are not interested in stepping up and doing the work required to have awesome trails with multiple lines, then there will probably just be a small back yard set up for the week and more traveling to other trails on the weekends. It will be locked up and not relatively open to the public like the old trails. If anyone is willing to step up, let us know, because we might have a couple of options for new spots.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Night Jam Update

Trails are ready if the rain hold off for the weekend. 50% chance of scattered showers on Saturday and Sunday is looking better. Cross our fingers. If you are not familar with our trails they do handle the rain pretty well and all of the bigger stuff is tarped. Smaller stuff is normally not an issue. Might have to get the blow torch out just in case. 

There should be a grill going along with the normal fire for hot dogs and drinks for a nominal cost. Bring your own grilling food if you want. Need directions to get here? Google map to Russell, PA 16345 and follow the green "Farmboy BMX Jam" signs as soon as you turn off Route 62 towards Russell. Parking might get tight, so don't block anyone in.

I have not heard anything about an official after party yet, but we will see what happens. I will let the party people handle it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Official Jam Flyer

The official jam flyer from the resident crazy graphics guy. Judging from the squirrell's forearms he digs alot at the trails, but I have never seen him there. Saturday Sept 22 is the official jam date if you couldn't find the hidden fine print in the flyer. Sunday if it rains or both days if you want. Come have a good time during the final days of the trails. We will see what kind of prizes and contests happen. Talks about an after party with axe throwing competition on Saturday night, but details are still sketchy. Hide the wife and kids.

19 days left to ride. Get to the trails if it ever stops raining.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday Evening Session Pics

Not much going on at the trails lately with all of the rain. Hoping to ride trails, but I can hear the rain start up again. The woods have been getting dark early and my old man eyes are not working too good. Working on my camera skills once it is too dark for me to ride. Still lacking, but I get a pic here and there that I'm happy with. 2 of Brad with a couple more for a later time.
Brad and Dan C. had a great Labor Day weekend in Eastern PA at 2 of the best trails in the world. Catty has already announced their Halloween Jam, so hopefully we can get a crew together for the weekend.
Brad and Dan C. started their Mid-West road trip Friday night and will hopefully find and hit up some trails along the way with the awesome concrete parks on the schedule. Keep it between the ditches and see them in about a week.
If anyone is interested in any of the wood from the roll-in, please let me know. The 3/4" plywood is probably the only thing worth taking, while the rest is recycled wood. It is free for the taking after the Jam and before the end of the month. Whatever remains will stay, because we are not planning on burning it down. All of the tarps have been spoken for.
21 days left to get your shred on.