Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bowl Corner & NBL Line Modifications

Overview of the bowl corner / new start zone. The pictures do not show the true size of this area. The bowl is almost 6 foot right now and the step-up exit will be about 3 foot taller when it is finished. Plans were to finish the step-up landing, but the freezing temps left everything a sloppy mess.

Efforts where turned towards the NBL Line and connecting the berm after the tranfer set to the step-up landing in the Main Line. This picture shows the transfer set landing and the berm that is getting modified.

This picture shows the new direction the NBL Line is going to head. The step-up landing behind Dave is where it will tie in. The lip will be beside the step-up lip and it will be some sort of bermed / angled lip. There will be 1 set between these points with specifics being worked out as we dig.

There should be somebody at the trails every night this week with Thursday being the main dig day during the week. The weather looks to be warming up thru Saturday with not much chance of rain until Easter Sunday. Get out and getting some digging in this week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday Night Digging

It was too dark to take any decent pictures of the daily progress, so here are a couple of my favorite turndown pictures from last year. Jordan in early summer 2009 and Brad in late fall 2009 over the Main Line hip in.

We went digging Wednesday night instead of Thursday from the looks of the weather report. We made super good progress on the bowl corner / starting hill for the new section. We should be able to finish the starting hill away from the rock wall in a couple of hours. We had a minor collapse of the rock wall, but the dirt stayed where it was supposed to. The current excavation site is approaching completion until we are able to build up the last landing heading into it. Brad thinks he has found the next dig site. Things are shaping up in the new start zone and the first bowl corner and quarter for about 12 feet are stacked to height and it looks awesome. It is just shy of 6 feet tall and we have good dirt on the flat bottom to go deeper once we get to that point. If this idea works out like we sure it will, the lines thru this section are going to be bad ass. We will have a concrete skatepark out of dirt with endless lines. Hopefully we can get some kids down to see it and get them stoked on finishing the street spine opposite of the quarter, because priority for the main digging crew is continuing construction down the new line.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Major Weekend Digging Progress

This is the before picture from 03-14-10 at the far end of the trails. Most of this digging was done in the fall of 2009 with a couple of early 2010 winter digs with the hardcores. As we are digging, ideas for this area keeps getting wilder and wilder. There are going to be so many options as you finish the Main Line and head towards the bowl.

This is the after picture before I had to leave to get home on Saturday 03-20-10. A couple of guys during the week made progress and Saturday saw mass excavation. I lost count after 20 wheel barrows and the other guys were keeping right up. Thinking about putting counters on the wheel barrows and having a poll on year end totals.