Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here comes July

NBL Line is running and hopefully to the end this weekend.
Hip right had been removed from NBL line so left transfer in on into berm.
Roller line future berm to???

Roller line decision maker. Right easy? Left harder?

Weather permitting, alot of people are suppose to be coming to town to help ride the trails in. Most of the lips completely rebuilt this spring are still having troubles hardening up to try out. Its been the first dry week this season so hopefully some curing took place this week. Water table is still high at the trails and everything still looks like it was formed yesterday.

The Roller line expansion project is making progress and splitting into 2 directions. Option right will continue to be a beginner line with a roller step-down going into real sets of doubles. Small, but hopefully get some younger kids jumping doubles. Option left will start by jumping into a berm followed by Terrasi's imagination taking over.

Between crappy weather, completely new lips and my absent shovel, the trails are way behind schedule compared to last year. Brad's been doing the best he can along with Jordan and Terrasi on ocassion, but its alot for one person 90% of the time. It's alot, even if we had 2 or 3 more totally dedicated people like Brad, but we are getting there. This fall should one of the best ever. Want to come ride, dig and hang out? Shoot me a message for info. First riding pics this weekend? Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Roller Line Expansion Project thru the NBL berm area.

Main Line's new 5th lip stacked and waiting for finishing.

Main Line's new 6th set now in the form of a long-n-low.

Main Line's berm after the long-n-low has been gutted.

Progress at the trails is still going slow, but everything is getting worked out. I have been missing from the trail, so that's the explanation for the lack of blog updates. Weather is still not trail riding friendly, but it is helping us build and stack when we normally couldn't this time of year.

This morning we are leaving the Georgia coast and heading towards Pennsyl-freakin-vania. Can't wait to get away from this sand and back to where there is real dirt. Missing the trails and need a vacation from vacation, before I head back to work Monday. Hopefully I can get the new ride thrown together Sunday and get some saddle time in.

Ferns are back

I love this time of the year. The ferns are back and the folliage has the trails shaded again. I really haven't had the chance to enjoy it yet, but we are getting closer.