Monday, December 26, 2011

December Digging

Top to bottom the pics show the progress of the Roller Line expansion project from late November thru end of today. Not too many people have seen any of it yet, because you are suppose to be indoors riding the ramper ramps and Brad and me are still hiding in the woods. We have been kicking the shit out of the Roller Line any chance we get. Early into today's digging session on the new step-up landing we called it good until next spring. A new set, left berm and step-up need ridden and dialed before we dig anymore on it. The completion of the Roller Line is in sight and I think we should re-name the line Barbwire. It's only fitting since the line follows the old fence perimeter from when the place was barbwired for livestock and there are now sets.

We moved over to the NBL line near the transfer left landing and right berm after it and started the next mass digging project. The new plan for the NBL Line will use a pushed out and boosted up transfer left landing to top secret unique stuff. I'm not saying much more about it besides the right berm is 60% gone. Come on down and dig and maybe we will spill the beans. If this awesome December weather continues to hold out the next lip should go up fast. Build your own fun, get to the trails.