Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anyone up for some digging?




Brad got dropped off at the trails last night, in the dark and got 10 wheel barrows in. I don't think it even made it into the 30's yesterday. I know the neighbors think he is insane. Some reason he did not send the normal group text to let everyone know of the digging session.

I suggest we have a competition this year. Brad versus a team of 3 local diggers, excluding me to see who has the most wheel barrows in by the first day of summer. Next visit to the trails I'm taking a calender down and posting it in the tool shed under the roll-in, so people can mark their wheel barrow totals per day.

The winner will get an all expenses paid, week long roadtrip from me consisting of trails and concrete parks. I will give the team 2 extra guys, but it still sounds like I'm taking Brad somewhere fun for a week.

Any challengers??? Sign your team up now. Hurry up, because you are already behind.