Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Trails Jammin

Going into last weekend Saturday was suppose to be nice and Sunday crappy. Turned out the exact opposite. I got in 2 attempted runs before the rain and my back told me to chill out for the day. The buffalo locals were down and Wilson made it out for some ripping. Did some rehab on my back and did a couple of hours of digging with Brad. The 4th dip and 5th lip is shaping up nice in Geronimo so it can sit over winter. The 5th landing is there from over 12 years ago, but looks to be close to where it needs to be once we build the back up.

Sunday I got to the trails and I thought a jam was going on by the number of cars in the parking area. There was more cars then any jam we have ever had. The woods were packed. The weather was great, the dirt moist, the fire pit roaring and kids having fun on bmx bikes in the woods. The back was feeling good for a while and got some attempts down on the Main Line. Trains were rolling steady most of the day and some youngins dropped in on the roll-in for the first time. Captured some trains on video, but proceeded to tape over most of the PSU trail jam from 2 weeks early. Good job jackass. Here is a link to a PSU jam video I just found on Vimeo. http://www.vimeo.com/16153956

No photos from the weekend worth posting, but some good video for the year end video. I heard there are some photos on Alleghany Cyclery's Facebook page, so go there if you have Facebook. Get to the trails and get your runs in before the snow flies or if the rain ever stops.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

PSU Jam & Tired Sunday

Aaron with a can-can on the right hip in the 360 berm line on his new, dialed, fully chromed S&M Dirt Bike acsented with a couple of red parts. All I can say is sweet. Only pic taken Sunday.

Everyone had a great time at the PSU Trails Jam on Saturday and rode hard until dark. The trails were the best I have ever seen them and thats going back 15 years. Six Farmboys went on the day trip with Aaron missing out this time. I'm sure he would have been ripping with Brad and Jordan. Unfortunately I took no pics from the jam, but there are enough between the Heathens blog and the PSU Trails blog to satisfy. Dinger got some video late in the day with some good commentary. I haven't watched yet, but heard enough on the way home to keep everyone laughing for most of the 3 hour drive.

Sunday had most everyone tired and sore, with half of us making it to the trails for an easy session. Alot of visitors down from Western New York to get their last sessions in before snow flies. Upcoming weekend looks good, so get to the trails and get your last runs in before it is too late.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black & White Sunday

I love black & white photos. Here a couple from the past weekend that I liked along with Joe T. trying out Sean's cruiser. Still extremely busy at work, hence the lack of updates. Plans this weekend for a Tahoe load going to the Penn State trails jam on Saturday. Should be fun time.