Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Working on the 1st landing and 2nd set in Main Line last Saturday.

Brad with an action shot filling up the wheel barrow with crap dirt.

On Saturday Brad and I did some damage at the beginning of Main Line. The large pile of dirt to the left of the 2nd lip in Main Line has been removed and relocated. The 1st landing received what looks like 10+ wheel barrows. The backside of the 2nd landing was stacked up to go another foot higher. The right side of the 2nd lip is being beefed up also before it grows in height.

Sunday Brad hit the trails and got some more work in. He knocked down the 3rd and 4th lip in Main Line so we can rebuild them from scratch with the best dirt we have next year. He also started removing the 5th set in Main Line. We should be there this upcoming weekend so come on out and get your dig on.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

End of Riding Season Photos

The trusted roll-in. If you don't have down hill trails then sometimes you need to make the hill. I heard a rumor an elevator is being installed next year for the old farts.

The first landing in Geronimo or is it a berm? Good question. It saw a lot of action this year with new year plans for it to be a daily line. 4th land is stacked with 5th lip about to height. Probably will be Brad's warm up line next year.

The merge point of the Main Line and the Roller Line. The point that separated the men from the boys. Far from effortless coming from the Roller Line into the Main Line. Over winter/spring digging the Main Line will be upgraded in height and length and the Roller line will be re-routed. The Main Line will be better and the Roller Line will be quite a bit different. Its up in the air what the Roller Line will become, but it will be effortless and fun.

The 5th set in the Main Line will be gone next year. It's holding the Main Line back from its true potential to rock and be effortless. Not enough room to make it the size it wants to be with out moving the next 2 sets so it is gone.

The 7th lip in the Main Line. It's 6 foot tall, but looks tiny in this photo. Expect taller and steeper next year along with getting a little closer to the moon.

The 5th set in Geronimo looking from the fire pit. It will be a sender. The area is being gutted and the dirt is be transported to the new lines coming back. Progress is going good in this area.

The trails are probably done for the year. Over night temperatures have been into the 20's all week and the dirt is mushing up like its going thru the freezing cycle.
Aaron and Brad had a night digging session last night. I need to get a coal miners head lamp this weekend so I can join in on the fun. Brad picked up a bad ass one last night at Wal*mart and it works great. Checking out the other trail blogs it doesn't look like we are the only ones doing night digging sessions. Better then sitting in front of the boob tube or riding indoors at the skatepark when the weather is good enough to dig. Get to the trails and get your digging in. Not sure what to dig on, see Brad, Aaron or Joe for construction plans.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help Wanted!!!

Help Wanted:
No experience required, Will train, Must be hard worker

The following positions are available:
Mass Excavator
Transition Technician
Irrigation Specialist
Grounds Keeper

Salary: Negotiable depending on experience
Health Insurance: NA
Benefits: Some fun trails to ride and call your own

Shovels, Rakes, Wheel Barrows will be provided
Standard weekend cook-outs on the fire pit

We do not discriminate between 20" or 26" applicants
Serious inquiries only!!!

Are you ready to dig???

What we have here is the last lip in Main Line. It will shoot you to the moon. The same concept is going to be applied to the 2nd thru 6th lip with the current 5th set being removed from the pack. Landings will be taller and steeper with a goal of more effortless.
Not much going on at the trails during the week. Too dark, too soon and day light savings time ends this weekend so we getting dark another hour early after this Saturday. Weather forecast is crap and the trails are tired. They are ready for a winter nap and the the Main Line's overhaul is getting ready to go into full swing along with continued digging on Geronimo and the new line coming back. If you haven't been around lately to hear the plans, expect major changes next spring for the better. If you want to come put in your two cents, we would welcome everyones ideas. Just make sure you come back to help with the digging.