Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dry, Dry, Dry but riding good

Chevy training Brad and coming into the 4th set in the Main Line. Tried to get a cool photo or 2 of some train runs, but didn't work out this time.

Chevy nosing into the 2nd set in Main Line with Brad leading the way.

Brad with a turndown over the 3rd set in Geronimo. He has been working hard on the 3rd dip and 4th lip with plans on sending the 4th set before years end.

Brad 3-ing the 3rd set in Geronimo for the first time. Dialed and getting ready to come in nosed.

Chevy with his signature trick over the 2nd set in Main Line. I'm happy that I got the photo, but he was hoping for more turn bar.

Lee letting his hands fly on the 6th set in the Main Line. I was hoping to be zoomed in more, but we will take fully stretched for this time. Lee and his family have been becoming regulars when they are not traveling and racing. Always good having younger kids at the trails.

The trails are dry. Too dry. Can't keep up with watering, but they are riding good. We left the tarps off Sunday with hopes that the coming rain would help more then hurt. We will see what happens.
Blew my rear tire off of my rim for the 2nd weekend in a row. Looks like its time for some new treads for the rear. Only got a handful of warm up runs in before the shot gun sound went off again. I was hoping to get some riding in, but being in the woods today was enough to make me happy.
Leaves are falling and the woods are getting brighter during the day light hours. Some plans in the works to improve the Main Line and hopefully make more effortless. Not till next spring, but plans are forming. Come put your 2 cents in, then make sure you are there to help dig.
A lot of trail jams coming up with the Trailbosses wedding conflicting with the Heathens upcoming event. Snows coming, get to the trails.

Berm Shot Sunday

Brad hauling thru the 1st berm in the NBL line.

Chevy 3/4 of the way thru the 360 berm.

Brad hitting the transfer set in the NBL line and heading into the 3rd berm.

The radioactive fungus near the hip in the 360 berm line. The photo does not do the fungi justice with how bright it really is.

Trails are running good. Get your runs in before it snows.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Saturday Session

Get to the trails Saturday afternoon and ride. Wait too long and it will be snowing again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where you been?

Work, work, work is about it. I haven't been able to get to the trails since my super nose dive to death. Hip and knee are feeling good again and hopefully I can get some riding in soon. If things go according to plan, after another 2 to 3 weeks I will be living at the trails again.

Brad has the new Dirt Bike running smooth and he is loving it. All black and looking sweet. I haven't seen him ride it yet, but I'm hearing good things. 360 variations coming back soon?

Dinger was home for Labor Day weekend and they got some riding in at Farmboys. Trails were acting weird with the winds that were blowing thru and the cold.

Brad made it out to Cleveland to ride Dave's secret trails. Everything sounds good and hopefully they can keep them a secret and avoid the normal Cleveland trail plowing death.

He made it to Meadville on Labor Day for a trail jam and had a great time. Fun trails and cool locals. Hoping to get down there this year.

No pictures again. Sorry and I know post suck without pics, but check out this video in the mean time. http://www.vimeo.com/14680460

A lot of jams coming up in the next month and working on plans to get to some. Brad's heading out this weekend for some riding with Dinger. Plans up in the air, but should be good.