Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wednesday Evening Session Pics

Not much going on at the trails lately with all of the rain. Hoping to ride trails, but I can hear the rain start up again. The woods have been getting dark early and my old man eyes are not working too good. Working on my camera skills once it is too dark for me to ride. Still lacking, but I get a pic here and there that I'm happy with. 2 of Brad with a couple more for a later time.
Brad and Dan C. had a great Labor Day weekend in Eastern PA at 2 of the best trails in the world. Catty has already announced their Halloween Jam, so hopefully we can get a crew together for the weekend.
Brad and Dan C. started their Mid-West road trip Friday night and will hopefully find and hit up some trails along the way with the awesome concrete parks on the schedule. Keep it between the ditches and see them in about a week.
If anyone is interested in any of the wood from the roll-in, please let me know. The 3/4" plywood is probably the only thing worth taking, while the rest is recycled wood. It is free for the taking after the Jam and before the end of the month. Whatever remains will stay, because we are not planning on burning it down. All of the tarps have been spoken for.
21 days left to get your shred on.

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