Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June 26th JAM

Brad got some work in Sunday on the berm after the transfer set and the next lip and landing. We are both contemplating what to do with Dave's project since he has been working crazy hours.

The Main Line, last set before bowl area. The lip has looked like dog poop long enough. The set has been begging to be finished.

Squared it up Sunday and got it ready for loads of the good stuff. It will be a little taller and our normal steepness. If someone would want to dump 5 or 6 loads of good stuff at the base of it, the lip will be finished next week. Once I get it finished, hopefully we can get a crew down to finish the landing in a day or so.

Brad got some good digging hours in Saturday between rain showers. Sunday was perfect with the trails being a little moist, but the knobbies hooked up good. Mostly digging and a couple of runs. Pretty quiet with most everyone too busy and not making time for the trails. The trails do not maintain themselves, so show some trail etiquette and help out when you do come to ride.

The big news is that the JAM date is set for Saturday, June 26th with the rain date for Sunday. Probably get started around noon with it winding down around 8:00 pm. Brad has been texting everyone and calling everyone to get the word out. I'm not sure who even reads the blog, because there have only been a couple of comments, but if you need directions or info, email me at work using Make sure you have BMX JAM in the subject line and no attachments or I will not reply. Hoping for a good turn-out since the last one was rained out at the end of last year.

The Catty JAM is this weekend and I don't think anyone is going to make it down. A couple of AUTONOMY stems are getting shipped out today for the prize raffle. Brad talked to Fat Randy and Quaggy from Chicago last night and they are already at Catty. Must be nice.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bucks Trails Jam & Dew Tour Sunday

Word from Dan Parra is that there is going to be a Jam at Buck's Trails in Erie on Saturday, May 22nd starting around 2pm. If anyone is interested in going, get a hold of Brad. I'm tied up with my Mom's retirement party that day and will have to miss the sure to be, good time at Buck's. If you're not familiar with Buck's Trails, check out Square One's video Up in Arms on for what they looked like in 2001. I'm not sure what they have running, but if they are having a jam, I'm sure they have some good stuff hitting. If anyone needs directions, let me know.

Around 3pm Sunday I got a phone call from Brad that some out-of-towners were at the trails doing Dew Tour tricks. Funny thing was that Brad was not at the trails and was tied up with family stuff. He got a text saying there were some pros there destroying the place. I finally got to the trails around 4 and got to see the Ridgway kids rip it up. They had been there since 10:30 and were pretty dead from riding the whole time. DK rider / Monkey was going off with some Dew Tour caliber stuff from what I heard. I only got to see a couple of runs, but it was all good. They did a little of filming for DK so we will see what pops up on the internet in the next month. Hopefully we start seeing them to the trails for normal weekend sessions.

Quiet Woods Saturday

Joe's Saturday's Mission:

Permantly eliminate the water hole by Main Lines 4th lip. The couple of inches of rain earlier in the week had the flat bottom covered by at least 2". After drying up for a couple of days the hole was still 8" deep.

A minature version of the Panama Canel was dug a couple of feet deep and nice fine grain gravel was found.

The dam was broke and the water rushed in filling the valley. Once the ditch was full, about 10 minutes later the water level dropped 6". Another 20 minutes went by and all of the water in the hole and ditch were gone.

Mission accomplished. Any future couple of inch down pours should not be a problem.

The leaves are finally out and helping the trails from drying out super fast.

The start of the new line off of the NBL's Line 2nd berm. All good packing gravel from the Panama Canal's excavation.

Brad's fire wood pile. I never see him gather it, but it is getting quite large. The photo does it no justice in how much is there.

Geronimo's 3rd lip. 6 foot tall and ready to shoot you to the moon. It has hardened up and is ready to be sent when we have good weather again.

Solo digging in the afternoon until Joe T. showed up and smoothed out the Roller Line's 2nd berm and new lip into the 2nd berm from the 360 berm line. A beautiful day to be in the woods chilling out. Too wet to ride, but I enjoyed my digging exercise and no need to think after frying my brain at work earlier in the morning.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New T-Shirt Design

Here is the new Farmboy shirt design hot off the press. With the weather being complete crap Saturday, Brad ran some of these off. They look great! Talk to Brad about getting some in white, black or tan colored shirts.
Sunday ended up being crappy also but the weather broke in the late afternoon. Brad said he and Nate moved some barrels near the bowl and made some real good progress. Weather doesn't sound too good for most of this week, but hopefully the weekend works out as they are predicting. We need a good weekend session, because they keep getting rained out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Dave K. from Cleveland looking back over the hip in the Main Line. Have to get the bros from Cleveland out soon for a good session.

Jordan S. doing a signature move over the old last set in the Main Line. I heard he should be returning from Europe near the end of the month and hopefully he will return as a full time local.

Chevy R. with his signature tobbagan over the old last set in the Main Line. Took a fraction of a second to early.

The above pictures were from the rained out jam at the end of September 2009. The camera has still been missing when I head to the trails so no new pics. Progress is being made daily, although the trails were pretty lonely this week.. The 360 berm exit was improved mid-week and started to ride in real nice. Heading thru Nate's line out of it towards the 2nd berm in the Roller Line is definitely going to work.

The 4th lip in Geronimo saw the majority of attention this week. Some gutting was done near the tree and before the lip so the 3rd set is now hittable without having to lock the brakes up. With the hurricane winds that went thru yesterday, I'm curious to see if the cherry tree near the lip is still standing. Witnessing Brad and Nate ride Thursday night, I think the trails are pretty dialed with the rain we got this week. Hopefully I can get to the trails this week before it is too dark for me to see and I can get some riding in.

I got some new forks this week along with a new blue anodized Autonomy stem and my bike is the most dialed it has ever been for trails. Brad dialed his ride in with a new headset, pedals and clear anodized Autonomy stem along with some fresh paint on the forks. Brad also dialed in one of the original Farmboy's, Ritchie's Standard STA this week with some new wheels, coverted to a 36t sprocket and flipped the S&M stem to raise the bars. It was funny studying the STA this week at the shop. We estimated that 4 or 5 of today's current rear micro drop outs could be cut out of the STA's drop out. The good ole days that the youngins will never understand.

I almost forgot. Brad fired out some T-shirts yesterday of the Farmboy PA license plate design with the weather being as crappy as it was. He texted me some pictures and they look sweet. I will get pictures up soon. Call him and order atleast 1 of every color now. You need them.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Random Photo Monday

Random photo Monday because the wife has had the camera since Thursday night for the dance recital. I was looking for a photo of the 360 berm, because progress was made there this weekend. The berm still needs alot of work on the exit, but Nate's line connecting back into the 2nd berm in the Roller Line to Main Line saw some work and riding. I found these photos instead and I liked them.

This week saw the 3rd landing in Geronimo squared up enough to hit and excavation of the 4th lip. Brad and Dave were pumped and they moved quite a bit of dirt. Still a lot to do if you want an 8 foot lip, but it is coming along nice. I focused Saturday on getting the 3rd lip in Geronimo buttered up as I was waiting for the rain that never came. It might be one of the best lips I have ever made, besides it is not square to the landing before. It should be hard enough in a week or so to try out. I see some Dew Tour stuff going down over this set if any of us knew how to do Dew Tour stuff.

Saturday saw quite a few riders make it out to the woods. Evan was off the MX and on the BMX for the day. Dinger was looking good and trying some nothings. Scotty was riding brakeless and scaring me and I think himself sometimes. Hoping to see him at the trails more once College finishes up for the summer. Aaron and Duke made it down for the afternoon. Aaron was smooth as always. Duke was chasing him around, drinking nasty water, ripping the nastiest dog farts that would clear the area and packing in fresh dirt only the way a dog can. Nate and Erin made it down from NY for some laps also. The perfect day of digging, riding and catching up with old friends.

Not sure who made it down Sunday besides Brad. Got some good rain this Monday morning that should allow us to fix and fine tune some more stuff. Most of the trails are dialed judging by how high Brad has been going.